Good Vibrations mobile dj's


So, what is it? The DJ at your event, instead of using a traditional sound system to play music on the dance floor, will hand out our “Silent DJ” WIRELESS HEADPHONES to all your guests. He then plays music as normal but the sound is delivered live to everyone's headphones instead of a speaker system, giving all the ability to adjust and even mute the volume to suit their needs. The effect is instantaneous as EVERYONE is suddenly grooving, dancing, laughing as well as hilarious as soon as you remove your headphones and witness a floor packed full of people dancing and singing in total silence! Cool, huh?! Want to crank the coolness factor even higher? We can have two and even three different DJ’s on your event, each playing different types of music…simultaneously! Anyone of your guests can SWITCH BETWEEN THE DJ'S at any time at the touch of a button…and with multi-colored L.E.D. lights on each pair of headphones showing what channel you’re on, everyone can see exactly which DJ you’re currently rocking out to! Give us a call for more ideas & information!

Our team of professional ministers are dedicated and have years of experience at weddings. Every occasion is unique, and therefore our minister staff staff is always available to personally help plan, coordinate and tailor your Las Vegas Wedding or event to make it special and personal to you.

We customize each individuals wedding to fit into a budget. Give us a call at 702-438-8091 to customize yours or click here to email us.

Why choose us


We are a small company which prides ourselves in QUALITY rather than Quantity.
With so many to companies to choose from, why take a chance on a once in life time experience. We leave nothing to chance and gather as much information to make your day memorable.


Our Staff is well trained! Where most companies have a set up crew, we don't. Our staff not only sets up, can trouble shoot, and make changes on the spot. We are alwasy continuously training to improve ourselves. You don't have to wait for a technician like other companies.


There are no middlemen! We don't sub-contract out. We understand we can only do so many events. If we are booked, we are more than happy to recommend a competitor. We do not over extend ourselves.