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Wedding Planning

If you have already reserved the services of Good Vibrations Mobile DJs and want to email your Wedding Reception and/or Wedding Ceremony information please complete this planner and “click to send” at the bottom of the page.

If you have not yet reserved the services of Good Vibrations Mobile DJs, please
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The following is a layout for a "Traditional" wedding ceremony. Your personal ideas may vary. If so, please make any modifications necessary to personalize this form.

Should be 1/2 hour prior to ceremony start time so that music is playing while the guests are arriving and being seated
The Groom and Minister may already be at the alter (Sometimes Groomsmen)

DJ plays processional music for the bride's attendants (Minister
(Traditional: Wagner - Wedding March OR
Pachebel - Canon In D Major)

(Traditional: Mendelssohn - Wedding March from a Midsummer Night's Dream)
Additional Ceremony Information

Will There Be A Grand Entrance YesNo
Introduce Bride And Groom YesNo
Introduce Wedding Party YesNo
Introduce Parents YesNo
Introduce Anyone Else YesNo

Bridesmaids Escorted by Groomsmen
(Please match with appropriate escorts)

Reception Planning Information

Will Food Be Served

What Type

Will There Be A Toast

Champagne Head Table OnlyAll Guests

Open Microphone After Bridal Toast YesNo
Bride and Groom Reply To The Toast (Thank you's) YesNo
First Dance (Traditionally After Dinner YesNo

Father / Daughter Dance YesNo

Mother / Son Dance YesNo

Cake CuttingYesNo

Money Dance YesNo

Garter And Bouquet Toss YesNo

Your Personalized Playlist
A musical NOTE: A variety of music will be provided by your disc jockey since most functions are often attended by guests of different ages and backgrounds, however, we do ask you to select your favorite categories and special requests that would personally please you. Also, the disc jockey will play your personal CDs as well, that you may choose to provide (NOT explicit lyrics please as to NOT offend any guests).

Please Check
Music Choices
50's / 60's70's80's90'sCountryClassic RockBig BandSpanishMotownHip HopOld SchoolTop 40